How to Plan A Garden

We all want our home to be as beautiful as it can be and more. Most of the time we are always ready to go beyond what is necessary to make our house beautiful. And a garden is a very important part of the house. What is a home without a garden?

There are many different types of garden one can develop at home. Vegetable garden, window garden, kitchen garden, parking lot garden, backyard garden are some of the types of gardens one can develop at home. But developing a garden at home is not easy. It requires patience, hard work, some knowledge about some gardening tools and plants and a willingness to get your hands dirty.

Here I’m going to tell you how you can develop your own home garden in some very simple steps-

1. Before we go to the step where we start planting plants here and there, we need to decide where exactly in our house are we going to develop a garden. Is it front yard or backyard, or is it going to be a terrace garden? Select a place to develop your garden carefully.

2. Now that you have selected the part of your house where you want to develop your garden, it is time to make a garden plan. You are going to need to do some measurement and drawing. But do not worry if you are not very good at either of those. What you need to do is to draw a plan of your garden site to scale. Try to plot as many features as you can. Do not worry if you miss some. It won’t affect your plan much if at all

3. After you have finished drawing the boundaries of your garden, inside and outside both, gather any pictures or ideas you want to use for inspiration and make a list of your main goals, budget and any limitations.

After you have drawn your garden plan, it is time to make your garden. While developing your garden, you are going to need to give attention to some major parts of a garden. They are

1. Floor: plant some lawn grass or some good plantable soil

2. Walls: check if a wall of your house is covering a part of your garden or do you need to add a fence, a hedge or trellis

3. Ceiling: a open sky for a garden is always good, but you can make your garden more beautiful by adding an umbrella at certain spots in the garden, or awnings, or a pergola with or without a cloak of plants

4. Furniture: you can also add some tables and chairs to your garden where you can just sit and enjoy the view from. You can also add some decorations like garden ornaments

The best gardens are those that make you feel comfortable and happy. It is a place in your home where you can sit and enjoy your coffee and read a book or newspaper while enjoying the natural breeze. A certain benefit is it will make your home look even more beautiful. In the end, try to design your garden for your personal delight. Try to make it a place where you can take refuge from you can everyday hectic life.